Blessthefall: new song, new record label

When Blessthefall announced they signed with Rise Records, I was so excited! Rise Records has a ton of bands that I enjoy listening to, like Memphis May Fire, Of Mice & Men, and Issues. 

Blessthefall was previously signed with Fearless Records since 2009. All of the albums they released under Fearless were solid. Their 2013 Hollow Bodies was probably their most successful album.

BTF's last album, To Those Left Behind didn't catch my attention much, so when I heard the news of the band signing with a new record label, I thought they would have some good, refreshing new music. I figured Blessthefall would sound good together with Rise Records.

But when I listened to the new song they released with the new record label announcement, I was disappointed, to put it bluntly. The new song, "Melodramatic" is well, kind of mellow. It's very underwhelming and boring to listen to compared to BTF's catalogue. 

Blessthefall are a very loud and energetic band, and I didn't hear or feel that much in "Melodramatic". Even the breakdown in the song was dull.  I hope this song is just a one-off and that the rest of their new album will be much better. The new album, Hard Feelings, comes out March 23. I'm still excited for the new album.

The band just started touring with new label mates, Of Mice & Men, Cane Hill, and Fire From The Gods with support from Mscw. Of Mice & Men are headlining the tour. It should be a great show!

Click here to listen to Blessthefall's new song, and let me know what you think of it.